7 Ways that Vacuum Packing Machines Can Make Your Life Easier

By | October 25, 2017

The main function of a vacuum packing machine is to package and preserve products. Predominantly used in both commercial and residential settings with food, other items can be sealed to ensure security, freshness and to prevent damage during transit.

But what is so special about this piece of equipment? And is it really an essential item to have in the commercial world or in the household?

Let’s take a look at how a vacuum packing machine can make your life just that little bit easier…

  1. Space Saver

An often overlooked benefit of vacuum packing goods is the fact that it can save a huge amount of space. Sealing a product with a generic plastic bag often seems to take up half a refrigerator. By vacuum sealing a product, not only will your storage spaces look much more organised but you will also be able to utilize the space and stack items as you please.

  1. Presentation Perfection

Particularly vital in a commercial setting, vacuum packing a product not only allows to see the handler the state of the contents inside but also ensures the product remains secure, guaranteeing its perfect presentation.

  1. Pick your Packaging

Vacuum packing machines are not only able to seal products in one way. There are a variety of different packing options available. Commercial vacuum packing machines offer foil lined packing, easy-open packing, re-sealable zip-line bags and more.

  1. Superb Shelf-Life

Perhaps the most well-renowned function of a vacuum packing machine is its ability to store products, particularly food, for a considerable amount of time. In fact, studies suggest that if food is properly sealed in a vacuum pack, its expiry time can increase by up to 400%.

  1. No External Damage

Another key function of vacuum packing machines is the fact that products can be stored without fear of damage from external elements. Three products in particular appreciate this function.

Firstly, clothes which can often gather dust and become moth-eaten are protected superbly. Secondly, food which is prone to gathering mould is safe within the confines of its vacuum packed surroundings. Finally, metals that are prone to rusting can be kept in much better condition if vacuum packed properly.

  1. Fantastic Food Flavours

Not only will vacuum packing machines ensure that food remains clear of that pesky mould, it will also help retain the flavours and seasonings of food, which can be lost very quickly if kept open to the elements.

  1. No More Preservatives

Unfortunately, due to the demand for food, especially food that lasts for a considerable amount of time, chemical preservatives are often added. However, with a vacuum packing machine, these unhealthy additives need be used no longer. Nitrogen is the only real inert gas that will come into contact with products when being vacuum sealed, which neither damages the product nor is detrimental to the environment.

So there you have it. While the initial expense of a vacuum packing machine may seem expensive, in the long run, it is a fantastic way to ensure the freshness, security and wellbeing of a range of products.

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