Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Packer for Food

By | April 13, 2017

A really simple way of packing a number of products, a vacuum packer is often used residentially or commercially to preserve food. This is considered a form of modified atmosphere packaging, which simply means that atmosphere around the product is altered by the presence of the vacuum packaging.

Here, we take a look at benefits of owning a vacuum packer as a way to preserve your food.

Efficient Packaging

While this may be more beneficial in the commercial world than the residential, owning a vacuum packer enables thousands of food products to be sealed every day, dramatically saving time and reducing man hours.

Multiple Packing Options

Vacuum Packers do not monotonously package food into one sized storage bag. In fact, there are a number of options available including packs with re-sealable zips, foil lined packs, easy open tear notches and more.

Improved Presentation

In commercial terms, a vacuum packer is perhaps the safest way to ensure that the presentation of the food remains intact. Because of its transparency, handlers will be able to see any damage caused.

No Chemical Preservatives

Chemical preservatives are causing significant issues to food and to the welfare of the environment in general. Fortunately, a vacuum packer will ensure that you will never need chemical preservatives again. Nitrogen is the most commonly used inert gas for vacuum packaging, which does not impact the earth’s already nitrogen dominant atmosphere.

Seals in Flavour

Certainly a key factor for residential users, vacuum packers are able to seal all of the natural juices, spices and flavours into the food ensuring that the quality is as near to perfect as possible.

Reduced Product Loss

Increased shelf life directly impacts the reduction in product loss, especially in the commercial world. Losing too much of a product can cause serious financial problems, which all but disappear with properly vacuum packers and sealed food stuffs.

Increased Shelf Life

Surely the most important benefit of owning a vacuum packer is its ability to increase the shelf life of your food. Some studies have suggested that vacuum packing food can increase its expiry time by up to 400%.

Vacuum packaging is also perfect at ensuring the increased shelf life of frozen foods, which can be prone to freezer burn. This is why nearly all producers around the world use vacuum packaging to store their frozen meats.

Protected from External Elements

Dust, moisture, insects and disease. Just some of the external elements that can no longer harm or damage food when it has been vacuum packed. Vacuum bag thickness rangers from 3 millimetres to around 8 millimetres. Obviously, the thicker bag will be a stronger barrier to external elements but 3 millimetre bags will still ensure that your food remains as fresh as possible.

Long Lasting

Once all equipment has been purchased (this includes vacuum bags if for residential use and additionally compressors and external gas tanks if for commercial use), vacuum packers have an extremely long life, if handle correctly. Simply ensure that the machine is maintained every time it has been used and there should be very few issues.