Types of Food Processing Equipment

By | August 1, 2017

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Food processing equipment is the umbrella term for a number of machines that are used for food, beverage and packaging industries. There are hundreds of specific machines that cater to a variety of foods. All of which vary in size, weight and cost.

Below, you will find a basic outlay of the most popular food processing equipment and exactly what their functionality is.

Fryer Systems

An essential part of quality food production is oil. While it may be considered the unseen ingredient in fried food, it plays a huge part in its production.

Fryer systems ensure precise temperature control, fast oil turnover and fast fine removal to ensure that food retains its freshness and flavour during the frying stage.

Oven Systems

Oven systems are built to uniformly cook all food products across a full belt width, with extremely fast cooking times, maximum safety and much higher yields.

Branding Systems

Branding or Searing systems are designed to continuously brown or chargrill foods to augment both their flavour and appearance.

Batter & Breading Systems

These systems are designed to apply marinades or batters to all food surfaces in a uniform and precise manner.

Produce Unloading and Handling Systems

These systems are designed to unload food stuff in as faster time and with as little damage as possible. These systems can also remove unwanted dirt and roots from vegetables as well as resize food stuffs.

Peeling Systems

These clever systems are designed to peel vegetables to within a 99.5% accuracy. The systems will aim to reduce flat spots and ensure that all foods retain a polished surface when peeled.

Washing & Dewatering Systems

These systems will ensure that all vegetables and other food stuff that is potentially contaminated with natural soil will be cleaned quickly and efficiently. These systems will also remove any unwanted starch from foods.

Corn Systems

Popular with companies who produce food from Latin America, corn systems will process, inspect, weigh, season and package any corn based food stuffs.

In-Kitchen Seasoning Systems

In-Kitchen seasoning systems allow you to apply seasonings and salt to a variety of baked foods and snacks as they leave other processing equipment.

Inspection Systems

These individual or integrated systems cautiously inspect every piece of food that travels through its intricate systems, disposing of unwanted excess food stuffs, while ensuring that every approved piece of food is uniform and fit for consumption.

Energy Saving & Pollution Control Systems

Due to the constant demand for companies to improve their pollution and save energy, these systems are becoming more and more popular with many food processing equipment companies. Ovens tend to waste millions of units of exhaust emissions. However, these new control systems turn these emissions into heat energy creating renewable sources of energy.

In fact, many food processing equipment suppliers will now advise buyers to look at energy saving systems including Booster Heaters, Combustion Air Preheat Systems, Pollution Control Heat Exchanger, Stack Heat Recovery System, Burner Mixture Management, Alternate Fuel Systems and Water Removal Systems among others.